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A new version of video surveillance system Watch Dog 17 was released on Nowember, 15
A new version of video surveillance system Watch Dog 16 was released on Nowember, 4
A new version of Watch Dog was released on September 12th

ATM alarm

GSM alarm controller for the security and maintenance of ATMs.

Features allows you to remotely:

  • To protect the ATM by external of internal security forces and central monitoring console
  • Get photos from camera
  • Manage power of ATM
  • Perform reset of an ATM in the case of hang up
  • Obtain information about the presence of "Vandals" (by vibration sensor)
  • Monitor the position of ATM by Accelerometer
  • Negotiate with customer support or customer in the event of a fault or ATM service
  • Watch a connection with the processing center
  • Monitor sensors errors
  • Management of user access and remote information about arming and disarming the alarm, indicating statuses to the user.
  • Automate access for the collectors. Remote Disarming, if the bank trusts the third party for collection.

It's not uncommon for the ATM service is necessary to spend extra time to travel and removal of small faults in the absence of connection with the processing center. Many people wonder backup control lines and an ATM terminal, ATM security, access control, voice communications with customers, information about the presence of supplies, the remainder of time on DVR. GSM controller allows us to solve the whole series of similar questions, and introduce more new features on demand by the user.