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ATM router \ Multisim GPRS modem


MicroARM ATM router

Micro SV3 ARM9 - Smart-EFT ATM Router and Multisim GPRS modem.

  • 3DES encryption between terminal equipment and processing center via Internet and/or 3 (three) channels GPRS and/or 3G
  • Switching between channels without logical link disconnection
  • High level of security
  • Small size suitable for any ATM
  • Watchdog function – remote reset of ATM PC
  • Compatibility with monitoring agents
  • Eliminating cost for visiting ATMs by specialists

Micro ARM9 3G — Technical specification:

  • CPU - AT91SAM9260
  • Memory - SRAM 8 Кбайт SDRAM 64 Мбайт Flash 4Мбайт
  • Modem - HSDPA/WCDMA 3 SIM
  • Network adapter- LAN/WAN Ethernet 10/100
  • Input\Output ports- USB, RS232
  • Special software CityNet MicroSV.3-ARM V.2.0.42 allowed secured connection of ATM with NDC protocol to Host system.
  • One Router can be used for 10 ATMs, with remote management and uploading.


MicroSV3 - ARM9 new generation is a universal payment router for quick, safe and economic connection of bank terminal equipment to a processing center through a distributed transport network Sv3 working over TCP/IP.
Terminal equipment including PoS terminal, Smart-Pin pads, ATM, self-service kiosks can be connected to a router through RS232 or Ethernet (IP) interfaces.

LAN port allows organizing simultaneous operation of 20 terminals with the help of Online TCP sessions with a host (ATM), up to 60 Pos terminals connected using TCP-IP or up to 120 terminals using StoreSpace-UDP packet protocol. WAN port ensures connection to SV3 server installed in bank DMZ through a local network having access to the Internet. Using stand-alone Ethernet adapters and lack of direct IP routing between them allows safely detaching payment network from the Internet.

Internal router resources allow supporting up to 20 TCP sessions from terminal devices simultaneously. To overcome this restriction StoreSpace LLP/SP open protocol working over UPD which allows 120 terminals working simultaneously through one router and doesn’t restrict the number of simultaneous sessions with the host is used.

Special CityNet MicroSV3-ARM9 V.3 software functions allow safe connections to ATM host with IP-Build using NDC protocol. One router can ensure connections of several bank machines, it also secures remote ATM management and paging within the frame of NDC and bank machine management from the host through RDP, Radmin, Pro View, DMWare, Unixchange.

Router can be connected to the processing center through GPRS wireless network or through a local Ethernet network of a store. Router has an inbuilt channel work control tool which ensures automatic switch from the main channel to a redundant one, choosing IP/GPRS,GPRS/IP priority. The inbuilt modem module contains 2 Sim cards adapter to use cards of different providers which significantly improves the safety of GPRS connection. External USB 3G/EDGE.GPRS increases the number of providers to 3.

All the traffic passing through open networks is encrypted with the help of 3DES algorithms and is protected by message authentication code.

SV.3 front-end system based on Windows 2000/2003.2008 Server software is installed in a processing center. The system allows accepting connections through the Internet from thousands MicroSV.3 routers through one ingoing TCP/IP port. Every remote router supports one full cryptographically protected TCP/IP session with a front-end system. Within the framework of the session some terminal sessions can exist simultaneously, monitoring and diagnostic packages can be transported and remote router mode and software changeover can be performed.