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A new version of video surveillance system Watch Dog 17 was released on Nowember, 15
A new version of video surveillance system Watch Dog 16 was released on Nowember, 4
A new version of Watch Dog was released on September 12th
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Video surveillance system for ATM - WatchDog

In recent years, security and the fight against credit card fraud are inevitable trends in the development of plastic card industry. New technologies are being developed, new products emerge, and requirements of International Payment Systems become stricter. Unfortunately, these measures still do not provide full effect and periodically in the news there are new reports of credit card data theft and credit card fraud.

Banks and Credit Card Processing Companies must be protected not only from data loss, but also from the unauthorized use of credit cards in their service areas.
Video surveillance systems installed on ATMs have been proved to be an effective tool in combating fraud, and CCTV footage often helps to apprehend criminals in "hot pursuit".

Additionally, video surveillance systems are a great help in dispute situations with customers and protest investigations.

Video surveillance system WatchDog is a software-hardware package designed for the following purposes:

  • provision of multi-tier video surveillance and security for ATMs, with ability to respond to various events as they happen, related to customer service, or various types of incidents (harm, attempted burglary or transfer, fire, etc.);
  • remote access to ATM, giving the ability to remotely access and display recorded video materials of ATMs' video surveillance system allowing change of the settings of video surveillance system;
  • support for central remote control access operations - the software that controls remote access to ATMs with user account mechanism support, intended for distribution of functions and limiting access of functions only for certain categories of users;
  • operator workplace - a system connected to the remote control access, providing operator interface system.

Watchdog video surveillance


  • Recording video from the camera and brightness, contrast and color control setup to the image digitization.
  • Software motion detection setup with custom detection zone.
  • Possibility to view video stream from the ATM in real time mode.
  • Possibility to set video parameters (brightness, contrast) in real time mode from remote workstation.
  • Video recording of the event's prehistory; setup the duration of such recording.
  • Configurable records of titles on video and photo materials (date and time, card numbers, etc.).
  • Ability to control special time periods for planning reactions for events (night time, weekends, etc.)
  • Configurable sending service messages to the server. Informing about the events occurring at an ATM, the free space on the disk, sensors operation.
  • The response to operating external devices, such as motion or impact sensors.
  • Configurable registration of all events (any sensor's operation, card insertion without a followed authorization on the host, etc.) of the video surveillance with a connective identifier of each event to a concrete file of video storage.
  • Configurable (with a possibility to combine events logically) response to any event, for example, transaction blocking (card return) while closing camera objective or at the beginning of video recording, while operating moving sensor, etc.
  • Remote video surveillance software self-update.
  • The notifications (e-mail, SMS) flexible subsystem to responsible persons and the system administrators.
  • Disk quota management and video archive rotation/aging
  • Storage of video and photo materials received directly from ATMs, as well as imported from different sources.
  • Recording and storage of e-journals in DB from all ATMs in on-line mode, as well as providing the necessary function to carry out consequent search in this DB.
  • Possibility to view the status of the ATM devices (cassettes, printers, etc.).
  • An opportunity to backup and export video materials periodically to external storages.
  • Centralized system of access control, division of operators' and administrators' rights and privileges.
  • System's stable and fault-tolerant operation in the networks with low throughput (GPRS-nets).
  • Search by video and photo materials with a possibility to create different search criteria (card number, ATM number, camera number, date and time recording, events during which the recording took place, etc.). Templates for searching.

Operator workplace functions

  • ability to view, search and filter the list of ATMs, that the operator has access to;
  • ability to operate ATM groups, ability to create and edit such groups;
  • browsing the ATM's logs, with the ability to search and filter by type, date / time or event
  • ability to search a segment of video based upon numerous variables (e.g. card number, ATM number, camera number, date and time of recording, events when recording was made, etc.)
  • Event log search is being conducted on the server-side without querying the ATM's
  • Search result is a link to a specific file that is stored on the ATM. Links can be added to task that uploads files to the server. Checking for task loading occurs during synchronization process;
  • the principle of a single download. if part of a video was downloaded to the server, all subsequent requests of the operator will automatically go to that file on the server;
  • the ability to save above-mentioned search and filter settings as templates for possible future use;
  • control of ATM video surveillance system parameters both for single ATMs and groups;
  • the ability to create, edit, export and import settings templates of video surveillance systems;
  • distributed access control system controlled from the server;
  • system authentication occurred by entering a username and password;
  • The system allows the system administrator to define access rights for operators ;
  • the structure of access rights for all operators of the system are made up of three main sets: the action, ATM, and users. The operator can perform actions only in the terminals, he has access right to, and perform only those actions, for which he has a permit issued by system administrator.

Competitive advantages

  • Multi-platform.
  • The video surveillance and security control system functions on ATMs: NCR, Wincor-Nixdorf, Diebold.
  • The absence of binding to a specific hardware vendor.
  • The system is able to respond to many current events such as regular related to customer service, as well as emergency events (harms, intrusion or transfer attempts, fire, etc.).
  • The system includes feature for remote access to the ATM, and allows to get remotely materials from ATMs collected during the working on the ATM, to change video surveillance system parameters, to load the background images on the ATM.
  • WatchDog is supplied with a central controller of the remote access. This is server software which controls the remote access to ATMs, with a supporting mechanism of users' accounts and roles for the functions distribution and access limit to the corresponding functionality for certain categories of users.
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