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A new version of video surveillance system Watch Dog 17 was released on Nowember, 15
A new version of video surveillance system Watch Dog 16 was released on Nowember, 4
A new version of Watch Dog was released on September 12th
Nowotech provides software development for the banking sector. The Company’s’ solutions are used by many financial institutions.

Web Extention


 Web Extension Software allows the bank to give cardholders access to bank's web applications. Authorization of the card holder is made by entering the PIN-code on the ATM; afterwards cardholder gets access to Web applications' functions.

Web banking application is controlled and monitored by pressing buttons on the ATM keypad or by using touch-screen (if touch-screen feature is available on ATM).

When certain operations are being performed by a Web application, cardholder gets a receipt, printed out on the ATM built in printer.

Web Extension Software is designed to work on NCR ATMs, with APTRA version> 2.6.2. A wide range of built-in NCR ATM equipment is supported:

  • Receipt Printers
  • Statement printers
  • Standard (LCD and CRT monitors) with keypad
  • Touchscreen devices (with or without keypad)

Web-Extension Software is designed for banks with extensive ATM network, eager to add self-service functions and ability to use a different  systems of DBS on ATMs.

PIN-code entry at software startup allows for enhanced security operations, and reduces the amount of client's authorization information.

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